Supersandwich Me. Would you eat a Land, Air & Sea at McDonald’s?

That is the menu hack for ordering a Big Mac, McChicken, and a Filet-O-Fish. It creates a $9.57 supersandwich. In the words of Julian Broadway, “It’s the flavor that I never knew I needed, until I needed it. Go big baby!”

It is one of four hacks that are officially now on the menu at the Golden Arches. The Land, Air & Sea is joined by the Surf & Turf (Double Cheesburger + Filet-O-Fish), Crunchy Double (Double Cheesburger + 6 McNuggets with BBQ sauce), and the Hash Brown McMuffin.

There is a small catch though. Assembly not included. You are on your own to put the stacked sandwiches together.

Do you have a favorite hack at McDonald’s? For years, my go-to was a small request. I would order my fries with no salt. This accomplishes two things:

1. Eliminate oversalting or undersalting. This is a minor benefit.
2. Here’s the major. Fries no salt guarantees that you get your fries piping hot. Workers pull your fries before they salt the rest of the new batch.

The Pink Goldfish micro-weird practice of menu hacks are not a new thing. Taco Bell is probably the leader in the clubhouse. Its fans are notoriously hacking up items.

As far as ordering secret-menu items, In-N-Out Burger is the king. In fact, my dinner on March 10, 2020 was a cheeseburger with animal-style fries at In-N-Out. Animal-style fries come topped with all the fixings (cheese, pickles, tons of grilled onions) mixed in their secret sauce. Call it my “Last Supper” before COVID. I enjoyed it while out in Las Vegas for a keynote. The next day my engagements that week in Indianapolis and Columbus, plus the rest of my speaking schedule for the Spring was wiped out.

Back to McD’s. Look for commercials highlighting the hacks. In the words of VP of U.S. Marketing, Brand Content and Engagement Jennifer Healan,

“This campaign shows that it has never been ‘our menu’ — the menu belongs to our fans… We’re excited to celebrate them in a bigger way than ever before by putting their delicious hacks – as seen on social media – on our menus. I personally can’t wait for our fans to try my favorite hack, the Hash Brown McMuffin. IYKYK.”

I feel you Jennifer. I’ve said this before. The Sausage McMuffin (or beer) is proof that there is a God and he loves us.

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John Madden

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