Does your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace?
Does your team have the skillset to create innovative experiences?
Do you need a fun team-building experience that spurs creativity?

Consider GOLDFISH TANK, a fun way to build experience design capability and spark new ideas.

The three-part in-person or virtual program can be done as a full-day, two half-days, or three 2-hour segments.

Part One

learn concepts

Part Two

team work

Part Three

pitch contest

Goldfish Tank is an interactive learning, innovation, and team-building experience.

We want our teams to challenge the status quo. We want to create an environment where new ideas can be developed. We want to support and fund experimentation. Everyone talks about the need to innovate and think differently, yet most organizations struggle to walk the talk.

The GOLDFISH TANK provides a three-part plan to spark creativity within an organization.

  1. Part One: LEARN CONCEPTS. This keynote style session uncovers the key concepts. We share a framework to expand thinking and challenge norms.
  2. Part Two: TEAM WORK. This a facilitated workshop session where we provide the space and clear criteria for team members to generate innovative ideas.
  3. Part Three: PITCH CONTEST. Here we create a rapid-feedback construct. Using gamification, the teams compete by pitching their ideas.

Goldfish Tank can be done virtually or in-person. It can be done in one-day, two half-days, or three 2-hour sessions. Want to learn more, click here to schedule a discovery session.


Meet Stan, tour his virtual studio in RTP, and see if there’s a fit for your upcoming event or training needs.