Does your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace?
Does your team have the skillset to create innovative products, services, and experiences?
Do you need a rewarding team-building experience that spurs creativity?

Consider GOLDFISH TANK, a fun way to build innovation and experience design capability to spark new ideas.

 GOLDFISH TANK is an applied learning program designed to help individuals and organizations think differently about their approach to customer experience, employee engagement, and business strategy.

Through this program, participants will learn how to create a culture of customer-centricity, foster employee engagement, and build a differentiated brand with purpose. At the end of the program, attendees will have the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge and skills into practice as they present and pitch their own innovative ideas to a panel of judges.

The program features a unique blend of practical tools, real-world examples, and inspiring stories to help attendees think creatively, challenge conventional wisdom, and drive change in their organizations.

GOLDFISH TANK can help you achieve your goals and become a more effective and purposeful leader.

The three-part in-person or virtual experience can be done as a full-day or two half-days.


Grab a time below. Meet Stan and see if GOLDFISH TANK is a fit for your upcoming event and/or training needs.