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Meeting Professionals

Purple Goldfish

Purple Goldfish is about differentiation via added value. Marketing to your existing customers via G.L.U.E. (giving little unexpected extras). The end result is increased sales, happier customers and positive word of mouth in your business.


Green Goldfish is based on the simple premise that employees are the key drivers of customer experience and that “Happy Employees Create Happy Customers.” The book unlocks 15 keys to driving employee engagement in the workplace.

Pink Goldfish

True differentiation in business is rare. We are now living in an age of equivalency. Businesses need to find ways to stand out. In this book, Stan shows the eight FLAWSOME ways to leverage what makes you unique and differentiated in business.

YELLOW Goldfish

There should only be one success metric in business and thatʼs happiness. A Yellow Goldfish is anytime a business does a little extra to contribute to the happiness of its customers, employees, or society. Based on 300 case studies, the book provides a nine-part framework for happiness-driven growth.

Gray Goldfish

How do you successfully lead the five generations in today’s workforce? You need the tools to navigate. Filled with over 100 case studies and the Generational Matrix, Gray Goldfish provides the definitive map for leaders to follow as they recruit, train, manage, and inspire across the generations.

DIAMOND Goldfish

Diamond Goldfish uncovers how business is a game. It’s a guide for driving sales and deepening client relationships. Based on the Diamond Rule, over 150 case studies, and the science-backed framework of Market Force, the book provides perspective and tools for winning in sales and client management.

Blue Goldfish

A Blue Goldfish is any time a business leverages AI, data, and analytics to do a “little something extra” to improve the experience for the customer. The book is based on a collection of over 300+ case studies. It examines the three R’s: Relationship, Responsiveness, and Readiness. Blue Goldfish also uncovers eight different ways to turn insights into action.

Golden Goldfish

Golden Goldfish is based on the simple premise that all customers and employees are not created equal. For most businesses, 80 percent of profitability is driven by the top 20 percent of customers and employees. The books outlines nine ways to take care of  your “Vital Few” in business. The Golden Goldfish is the third book in the goldfish trilogy.

Red Goldfish

Purpose is changing the way we work and how customers choose business partners. Red Goldfish shares cutting edge examples and reveals the eight ways businesses can embrace purpose that drives employee engagement and fuels the bottom line. The book focuses on how purpose is driving loyalty and becoming the ultimate differentiator in business.

SILVER Goldfish

How do you avoid giving the typical boring corporate presentation? You need the tools and the approach to delivering memorable presentations. Filled with 64 tips, Silver Goldfish provides 10 keys and a six-step approach to coming across Loud & Clear when presenting.

Black Goldfish

Your brand today is no longer what you tell people it is. It is the differentiated experience (DX) your employees deliver. It is what you stand for and how your customers feel about you. Black Goldfish is an amalgam of the first 10 colors in the Goldfish Series. The color black happens when you put all the other colors together.