In 2023, I became certified as a Virtual Master Presenter. Why did I do it? Two main reasons:

  1. Because virtual presentations are here to stay.
  2. Because OK presentations aren’t OK anymore.

In today’s digital landscape, the bar for presentations has been raised. Audiences crave engagement, connection, and impact. That’s where the Virtual Master Presenter (VMP) steps in. They can transform mundane presentations into unforgettable experiences.

But what exactly is a Virtual Master Presenter?

A VMP is a seasoned speaking professional who has honed their craft through the eSpeakers Virtual Master Presenter course, culminating in the prestigious VMP credential.

The certification was the result of immersive program, conducted over five half-day sessions, equips presenters with the skills and techniques needed to captivate virtual audiences like never before.

Why should you hire a Virtual Master Presenter (VMP)?

So, why should you consider hiring a Virtual Master Presenter for your keynotes and training sessions? Here’s why:

  1. Elevated Presentation Setup: VMPs master the art of creating a refined virtual presentation setup, ensuring optimal lighting, background, camera angle, microphone, and personal image. They understand that every detail matters to create a professional and engaging environment.
  2. Enhanced Audience Connection: Through specific interaction techniques, VMPs foster a deeper connection with their audience. They know how to maintain eye contact, manage windows effectively, and engage attendees to mitigate “Zoom fatigue” and keep them fully immersed in the presentation.
  3. Compelling Slide Design: VMPs craft slides that are not only visually stunning but also highly effective in conveying information. They utilize relevant animations and optimize slides for mobile viewing, ensuring maximum engagement and retention.
  4. Tech Troubleshooting Expertise: In the unpredictable world of virtual presentations, technical glitches can happen. VMPs are prepared with contingency plans (Plan B, or even Plan C) to swiftly recover from any disruptions, keeping the presentation seamless and professional.

In conclusion, hiring a Virtual Master Presenter is your gateway to delivering impactful, unforgettable presentations in the virtual realm. With their expertise, you can elevate your presentations, connect deeply with your audience, and leave a lasting impression that resonates long after the session ends.

If you’d like to begin a discussion about how I can help you with a virtual Keynote, Workshop, or Goldfish Tank program,  you can grab time on my schedule here, reach me by email at or by text/phone at 1 919 360 4702.