What can Steve Jobs teach us about presentation skills? The answer is plenty. In fact, Carmine Gallo wrote an entire book that breaks down lessons from the man.

There is plenty to learn. One is a simple fact that Steve was not born a great presenter. He worked on his presentation skills and improved over time.

But, there is literally one practice that Steve used that warms my heart. It is in the spirit of lagniappe . . . a little something extra that’s thrown in for good measure.

At the end of each one of his Apple Keynote presentations, Jobs would feign that he was finished and then with a glint in his eye announce, “One more thing . . .” The words would show up on a slide and the crowd would erupt.

Ewan Spence recalls one instance in Forbes,

“In September 2006, Jobs introduced the ability to purchase and download movies through iTunes. And then followed that with one more thing in the form of iTV (soon to be renamed Apple TV). And then Jobs followed that one more thing with one more one more thing, and John Mayer made his customary easter egg appearance not as cover art, or a ringtone, but live on-stage singing “Waiting For The World To Change.”

How are you adding one more thing… at the end of your presentation?

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