What can Andre Agassi teach us about Excelling Under Pressure and winning in business?


In this 8-minute talk from the 2023 AENC Speaker Showcase, I share lessons from the book, “Diamond Goldfish”.

In the words of Marcel Proust, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes… but in having new eyes.”

If you can see business through a new lens as the ultimate game, you can wire yourself for winning.

Diamond Goldfish uncovers how business is a game. The key to winning is managing relationships and minimizing pressure. Performing at the highest level goes beyond simply treating the prospect or customer the way they prefer to be treated.

This short talk shares how the Diamond Rule beats the Silver Rule, the Golden Rule, and the Platinum Rule—combined.

The 4.0 Diamond Rule challenges you to see the process of developing relationships in a new way. It can provide you with a complete business execution system for generating prosperity and winning in business.