The SILVER BULLET to be a great presenter is ,..

It is the magical elixir and the simple solution for the difficult problem of presenting well …

There is no silver bullet.

It takes thought, work, and the ability to be different to stand out in a sea of sameness. No one was born with the ability to wow an audience.

It’s a learned behavior. It’s a skill. Those who work at it become better than those who don’t.

Presenting well is not terribly complicated, but it is incredibly difficult.

Those who master the skill will reap the rewards of audience attention, engagement, and response. Frequently that mastery results in opportunities and promotions. 

The good news is that becoming a great presenter is attainable for anyone who is willing to work at it.

Just like driving, just like time management, just like golf, and just like being a good parent. But working at it … and doing it more is not the same thing.

Spending 10 years flipping burgers does not make you a master chef. It means you spent a decade doing something we can train a teenager to do in 15 minutes. 


The first simple truth is that your audience needs to hear you.

There are lots of distractions competing for their attention. Their phone may be the biggest. You need to be “Loud.” We’re not talking about your voice’s volume, although that also may be an issue, but about the compelling nature of making people want to tune in to what you are saying.

Next, what you say needs to be crystal clear. This isn’t about your diction or your microphone. This is about a transfer of a message. No confusion. No misinterpretation. No misquoting later on.

Two truths and three simple words:

Loud. And. Clear.

Again, there is no silver bullet. In the words of Matthew Oliphant,

“There is no silver bullet and frankly you probably don’t need one. It is far more important to be able to find the right kind of gun, be able to load the gun . . . and perhaps most importantly, be able to figure out where the werewolf is.”

The werewolf represents your upcoming presentation.

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Stan Phelps

Stan Phelps walks the walk. He stands out in the sea of sameness by modeling his own Differentiated Experience (DX) message: Differentiation isn’t just about what you say, it’s about what you do and, more importantly, how and why you do it. Stan leverages his unique collection of 5,000+ case studies on customer, employee, and brand experience to engage audiences with informative learning-based experiences. He believes purposeful DX wins the hearts of employees and customers, and differentiation ultimately boosts loyalty, retention, referrals, and results.

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