“People don’t buy WHAT you do… they buy WHY you do it.” This famous quote by Simon Sinek speaks to the power of a company’s PURPOSE and its role in driving customer engagement and loyalty.

In “Red Goldfish,” Graeme Newell and I examined more than 300 companies. We focused on their purpose and how they did little things to bring it to life.

We saw patterns and our research uncovered 8 purpose archetypes. This video describes each one with a company that exemplifies the archetype.

1. The Protector [Patagonia]
2. The Liberator [Harley-Davidson Motor Company]
3. The Designer [Apple]
4. The Guide [Google]
5. The Advocate [Panera Bread]
6. The Challenger [Nike]
7. The Unifier [Whole Foods Market]
8. The Master [Warby Parker]

What is your PURPOSE archetype? More importantly, what’s your Red Goldfish? How are you doing the little things to bring your purpose to life for both your employees and customers?