“If you say my name, I won’t exist anymore?” What’s the answer to this riddle?


This riddle was shared in the movie, “Life is Beautiful.”

Now there is another answer to the riddle. It’s the Cuifeng Lake Circular Trail. A pristine hiking route hugging Taiwan’s largest alpine lake which is now certified QUIET.

Shh…if you say its name while hiking, it won’t exist anymore.

This is a great example of both the Pink Goldfish of Withholding and Lopsiding. Take away something and ramp us something else to differentiate.

You might be asking, “I get that they are limiting noise on the trail, but what are they maximizing?”

It turns out the trail is already super quiet. According to the US certifying body Quiet Parts International (QPI), “The trail snakes through a lush and moist cypress forest carpeted with thick green moss, which acts like a layer of natural sound-absorbing foam.”

How quiet? The lowest measured volume on the trail is fewer than 25 decibels. QPI classifies that as almost silent.

Lin Hua-ching, director of the Taiwan Forestry Bureau shared with CNN Travel, “I encourage people to walk this trail with a humble attitude and open their hearts to listen.”

That might be the best advice I’ve heard since Ted Lasso shared, “Be Curious, Not Judgmental.”

LAGNIAPPE: One more riddle from the movie Life is Beautiful:

“The bigger it is, the less you see it.”


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