My word of the year is…

Confession: I usually want to punch people in the throat when I hear the beginning of the sentence above.

But, I’m going to make an exception in order NOT to be a hypocrite. Because I’ve picked one word. But mine isn’t for just 2023.

My next 10 years are going to be about sparking…


For background, I’ve just started my second decade as an author and professional speaker.

I can’t say I’ve reached an INFLECTION point. Because that mathematical term was just officially banned for 2023 (along with GOAT, quiet quitting, gaslighting, and six other overused words).

Nor can I call it a PIVOT… that was banned in 2022. Plus, when you pivot in basketball, one of your feet stays in the same place and you don’t go anywhere.

Let’s call it an MoT (Moment of Truth). I’m done writing about creating a better customer, employee, and brand experience. I’ve written over 600,000 words (17 books) and spoken at over 600 events.

IMPACT speaks louder than just words and/or speeches.

Here are the three ways I’m focusing on making IMPACT in the coming year:

1. IMPACT Programs – in 2022, my goal is to do more than 10 “Goldfish Tank” events. These are full-day innovation experiences for 20-35 participants. This unique, applied learning program culminates with teams pitching new ideas or enhancements.

The Goldfish Tank addresses a few of today’s biggest challenges:

A. Most organizations want their employees to be innovative. Yet they don’t teach them how.
B. Most organizations want to empower their employees to uncover insights to better serve their customers. Yet they don’t give them the time to do it.
C. Most organizations want to reward their best employees beyond dollars, but they struggle to find rewarding team experiences that make them feel valued.

2. IMPACT Global – I’ve been blessed to have spoken in 19 countries. I now want to ramp up my speaking overseas to create more impact as I pursue my Global Speaking Fellow credential.

This June I’ll be part of a two-week tour across Asia with Together We Can Change The World.

TWCCTW was founded by Scott Friedman, CSP and Jana Stanfield with the mission of empowering and educating less fortunate children and women. Over the last 15 years, the group has supported causes in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, the Philippines, and Thailand.

3. IMPACT Giving – I’ve become part of B1G1. This organization, co-founded by Paul Dunn and Masami Sato, is all about impact. They’ve pioneered a platform that allows you to integrate giving as part of your everyday business.

Here’s how it works: You select causes you want to support (there are nearly 500 projects to choose from). You then select a core business activity or activities ⎯ such as a sale of a product/service (in my case a “Goldfish Tank” or a global engagement or an eBook download) and link specific IMPACTS to your activities.

MORE to come on each of these three initiatives in the coming weeks and months…