He’s back. Is Better.com CEO Vishal Garg better now?

Vishal infamously fired 900 employees last month. He shared on Zoom, “If you’re on this call you are part of the unlucky group that is being laid off.”

It wasn’t just that he was monotone and emotionless when swinging the ax. It was reported that after the call he openly complained to team members that many of those let go had been working two-hour days and likening them to thieves.

This behavior wasn’t atypical for the Founder. He once compared his employees to “DUMB DOLPHINS.” Employees might fare better than former business partners. Vishal once threatened his former friend and business partner Raza Kahn during a deposition, “[I’m] going to staple him against a fucking wall and burn him alive.”

Still, doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance? I think so.

According to Better, Vishal has spent the last few weeks examining his management style, reflecting on the values of the company, and working with an executive coach.

Christian Chapman, RN, an underwriting trainer who was fired last month by Vishal shared with The New York Times, “Business is people, product and processes. I think Vishal should develop the third leg of business, which is the people.”

That’s not just good advice for Vishal Garg, that’s “better” advice for every leader.

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