Should you have a Frequently Asked Stupid Question page on your website?

After all, there is no such thing as a stupid question. So, why not capture some of this quizzical gold with a FASQ page?

In Pink Goldfish 2.0, we share an example from Davide Cerretini at Botto Italian Bistro. Each month he’d posted stupid questions on a webpage called the “Village Idiot.”

Davide starts with a disclaimer, “Any reference to any person or episode is not accidental. We just don’t know their names or we would definitely tell you.”

Here is a sampling of the questions + responses from the restaurant:

Q. Do you guys have a kitchen here?
A. Yes (and you just made it to the top 10)

Q. This place is supposed to be a Wing Stop.
A. Not since 2009.
Q. No way. I come here all the time.
A. If you are one of their best customers, now you know why they went out of business.

Q. I know you have a sign at the door saying ‘No food or beverage allowed from outside’ but can we bring our own wine?
A. No
Q. Why?
A. Because your wine falls in the category of beverages and it comes from the outside of this restaurant and anything included in the category of the beverages that come from outside of this restaurant is not allowed in this restaurant.
Q. Your sign should be more clear.

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