It’s 2021. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Of course, I’m talking about a “towel” elephant and a “state” room. One of the signature elements of a Carnival Cruise Line differentiated experience (DX) is towel animals.

Every night guests return to find one of the 40+ different types of this signature Purple Goldfish. A cruise favorite, Carnival creates millions of them a year. That’s a lot of folding.

Each creation is the culmination of hours of training and creativity from the housekeeping staff. New stewards at Carnival spend 10 hours of formal training to master the art of the fold.

Carnival describes these “whimsical terry cloth creatures” as an iconic element of the “Fun Ship” vacation experience. They first introduced towel animals in 1991. The industry-first has now been replicated by other lines.

Want to learn how? Carnival has a book called “Carnival Towel Creations.” The 88-page manual encompasses a “how-to” on towel animal making. A portion of the book sales goes to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Over the years Carnival has leveraged the animals across their various touchpoints. They have been the focus of advertising, PR, and direct mail. These towel animals literally have “legs.”

What’s your Purple Goldfish?