“Big doors swing on little hinges.” This is one of my favorite quotes from the late W. Clement Stone. It represents the idea that little changes truly add up to make the biggest difference.

This is the principle behind the concept of micro-weirding. Micro-weirding is using minuscule actions to differentiate. The lesson is that you can set your brand apart without some cohesive master plan; you can just be a tiny bit weird.

And just because something is micro-weird, doesn’t mean it has a micro-impact. Itty-bitty actions can have a massive impact. Microweirding is doing very small things to stand out with a differentiated experience (DX). This is the easiest and least risky way to begin creating your Pink Goldfish.

Example: Sinclair Oil Corporation shared by R. Mark Macy. “They have a unique way to catch your attention while at their pump getting gas. It will display on the screen ‘lowering prices’ and it actually drops the prices 1 to 10 cents. We always stop now at Sinclair stations when possible….weird as it sounds…you just feel like you got a good deal. I find this an interesting way to combat high gasoline prices…by seeing it flash before your eyes you suddenly feel differently and are rewarded. Pretty cool.”

How are you micro-weirding?