CrossFit is a lopsided brand. Members are renowned for being fanatical evangelists for this highly differentiated approach to exercise and life. Not sure if someone you meet does CrossFit? Don’t worry, they’ll talk about it in almost every conversation. Members boast their warm-up is harder than most other people’s entire workout.

Founded by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai in 2000, CrossFit is more than just a method for working out. It is also a sport, a philosophy, and, for some, a religion.

A CrossFit gym is called a “box” and there are more than 15,000 around the world. Most are intentionally rugged. They are very hot or very cold, depending on the weather. They are loud, dirty, and smelly. Most boxes aren’t neatly organized.

While completing the WODs (Workout Of the Day), people are sweating profusely, grunting, screaming, and sometimes crying. They are pushing their bodies to the brink.

CrossFit isn’t for everyone. It isn’t even for most healthy people who exercise regularly. It is lopsided to be intentionally difficult and purposely extreme. It is about being bigger, faster, and stronger. That is what makes it so attractive for some people.

Takeaway: What makes you different and how are you lopsiding it like CrossFit?