Will.i.am has teamed up with Honeywell to launch a new facemask that will retail for $299. It’s called Xupermask (pronounced Supermask). To be clear, that’s not $3 bucks. Try three Benjamins.

This Pink Goldfish of a mask is now available for sale. What makes it super? Well, they’ve lopsided everything you need and many things you don’t.

For example, the mask has dual 3-speed fans for ventilation and replaceable HEPA filters. Filters need to be swapped out every 30-days. As for the bells and whistles, the mask boasts LED lights and noise-canceling Bluetooth earbuds. The buds magnetically dock on the mask when not in use.

Beyond the gadgetry, it has a striking design. Will.i.am turned to Jose Fernandez to amp up the cool factor. The man who has designed for Batman, SpaceX, and Daft Punk delivered.

FYI, according to CNET, the fans, LED lights, and earbuds require power. “You’ll need to charge the mask, but the battery lasts up to 7 hours at a time. Plus you can charge it while you wear it.”

Question – Put the money/buying aside, would you wear a Xupermask?

I’m a hard NO. I can’t help but thinking that people will have a similar reaction to those early adopters of Google Glass. They were derogatorily called “glassholes.”


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