The Zappos Family of Companies does. In Purple Goldfish 2.0, we share an example of this from Joe Gascoigne. In his words:

“As for an example, one that springs to mind is that if you try to order shoes from Zappos and they do not have the shoes you want in stock, they will actually recommend a nearby store that does. It seems counter-intuitive, but I think it really builds trust and it obviously works well for them.”

According to an interview with the late Tony Hsieh in Chief Marketer, he refused to see customer service as an expense. Rather, it’s an investment:

“Our business is based on repeat customers and word of mouth. There’s a lot of value in building up our brand name and what it stands for. We view the money that we spend on customer service as marketing money that improves our brand.”

Here is another great example from an article in Footwear News: According to Jerry Tidmore, who manages Zappos’ help-desk concierge service:

“One of the craziest stories was that of a customer who checked in to the Mandalay Bay hotel and forgot her shoes.” According to Tidmore, the guest called Zappos, where she had originally purchased the style, looking for a replacement, but they didn’t have any in stock. So, the company found a pair in the right size at the mall, bought them and delivered them to the hotel—all for free.”

When was the last time you obliterated a customer or client’s expectations?

How can you “Zappos” someone’s expectations the next time you deal with them?

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