Imagine a grocery store that practices an extreme version of the #PinkGoldfish of Withholding.

– They don’t advertise.
– They don’t use social media.
– They don’t put items on sale.
– They don’t accept coupons.
– They don’t have a loyalty card.
– They don’t have self-checkout.
– They don’t offer online ordering.
– They have a small selection of items, about 90% less than most grocery stores.

It’s hard to believe this grocery store could be successful. It seems like they’ve gone too far already, but what if they augmented withholding with Lopsiding?

– They hire more employees while competitors are trying to reduce staffing costs?
– They pay those employees twice as much as everyone else in the industry?
– They pay those employees to do things that no one else even does?

Now, add in some Antagonizing.

– They only sell private labels. So you can’t get the most common and popular foods. This is going to make some people upset.
– And even if you are a regular customer, they regularly eliminate foods that people enjoy in order to introduce new ones.

This is not your ordinary Joe. They have the best sales per square foot of any grocery store and they are one of the 100 best companies to work for in America.

Trader Joe’s defies normal.

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