Are you a 3 percenter? Do you know why the majority is always wrong . . . and why only 3% of people have the ability to become extraordinary? Paul Rulkens shares this message in his TEDx Maastrict talk.

Rulkens points out the majority lives within the box. The lines that shape the box are the boundaries and standards we live by. We get hampered by “industry” norms (Legal, Moral, Social, Ethical, etc.) Or we begin to benchmark the leaders and emulate their attributes. Most companies practice R&D as “Ripoff & Duplicate.”

What’s the answer? According to Rulkens,

“You need to know the word norm is an abbreviation for normal. In other words, if you do what everyone else is doing you get results that everyone else is getting. And those aren’t normal results and the thing is what we are after today are extraordinary results. So, the key question is ‘How can you kick yourself out to box out this very small box of your industry and professional field and move to the happy place where cool innovation happens?'”

You can become part of that 3% by deciding as of today to break your industry standards and norms. This is the essence of Pink Goldfish strategy. Either do MORE of what makes you weird or intentionally do LESS of what everyone considers as normal.

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Stan Phelps walks the walk. He stands out in the sea of sameness by modeling his own Differentiated Experience (DX) message: Differentiation isn’t just about what you say, it’s about what you do and, more importantly, how and why you do it. Stan leverages his unique collection of 5,000+ case studies on customer, employee, and brand experience to engage audiences with informative learning-based experiences. He believes purposeful DX wins the hearts of employees and customers, and differentiation ultimately boosts loyalty, retention, referrals, and results.

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