Southwest Airlines is probably the most well-known and most successful example of differentiation in American business.

David Rendall and I came up with a way to capitalize on Southwest’s awesomeness in P!NK GOLDF!SH 2.0. We created a short quiz to test the FLAWSOME knowledge of our readers.

Here’s how it works:

We share what Southwest does differently and you fill in the blank with the corresponding FLAWSOME strategy.

Here’s a sample. . . Southwest doesn’t provide in-flight meals.
This is an example of Withholding.

Here’s your quiz:
Question 1. Southwest is unapologetic about its cheap no-frills flights. This is an example of? _________

Question 2. Southwest Airlines is built on love. Their base is at Dallas Love Field. There is a heart in their logo. There is also a heart on the belly of each one of their planes. “It’s the finishing touch that makes the Southwest brand unique, demonstrating that Southwest cares about each and every customer. Even on the belly of the plane, the heart is a symbolic reminder that we put our hearts into every flight.” Southwest hires staff based specifically on their friendliness and empathy.
This is an example of? ________

Question 3. After a customer consistently sent complaints about Southwest’s failure to provide first-class, in-flight meals, assigned seating, and just about everything else, Herb Kelleher, the late founder and CEO, sent her a letter that said simply, “We will miss you. Love, Herb.”
This is an example of? ______

Question 4. Southwest doesn’t have first class. They don’t have assigned seating. They only sell tickets on their website or app. They don’t have airport lounges. You can’t fly Southwest to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, or South America. They have no partner airlines.
This is an example of? ______

Question 5. Most airlines fly an entire fleet of planes. By contrast, Southwest only has one type of plane from one manufacturer. They exclusively fly the Boeing 737. They have 747 . . . 737s to be exact.
This is an example of _______

Question 6. Southwest flies point to point. They don’t have hub and spoke routes like the other airlines. Southwest also flies into and out of smaller secondary airports, instead of the large major airports used by most other carriers.
This is an example of? _______

Question 7. Southwest flight attendants often will often create their own version of the flight safety announcement, changing the boring lingo into a rap or comedy routine.
This is an example of? _______

Question 8. Transfarency. Southwest makes clear and simple what others make complex and murky. Southwest doesn’t charge fees like other airlines. Not only do Bags Fly Free, there are no change or cancellation fees when you fly Southwest.
This is an example of? ______

Here’s the Answer Key:
1. Flaunting
2. Lopsiding
3. Antagonizing
4. Withholding
5. Swerving
6. Opposing
7. Micro-Weirding
8. Exposing

How’d you do?

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