When presenting and using a projector with slides . . . avoid the tractor beam. Unlike Carol Anne in the classic 80’s movie Poltergeist, “Avoid the light.” [Millennial Update – Little Carol Anne climbed into the television at the behest of a ghost]

It’s simple, don’t walk in front of the projector. Here are three things you can do to avoid becoming a shadow puppet:

1. Masking tape – this is a great tip if you have an overhead projector. During set-up, move around to see where you begin to encroach on the light. Then mark the floor or table to avoid moving into that area.

2. Table it – if the projector is on a cart or table, then simply walk around it. The great news is that projectors have gotten better over the years. Short throw projectors have reduced the length of the beam.

3. Black Out – Some clickers have a blackout button. Use it when you need to walk in front of the projector. One bonus tip when talking about clickers. Don’t use the laser pointer. You are not a Jedi. Resist the urge, you must. Want to highlight something on your slide . . . then do the proper work when creating your slides. A tiny red or green dot isn’t a substitute for your lack of planning padawan.

Do you have any tricks to avoid the projector beam?

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