We have a shot at normal. Last month, the Pfizer COVID-19 has received full approval from the FDA.

What does that NORM need to be going forward?

In my opinion, we need to make vaccination or a vaccination exemption a REQUIREMENT going forward for many activities.

To be clear, a requirement is different from a mandate. A mandate means mandatory. This isn’t what I’m advocating for.

A requirement allows for personal choice. Don’t feel compelled the decision to get the vaccine if you are not comfortable. But to quote one of my favorite lyrics from Rush. From the song “Free Will” …

“Even if you choose not to decide, you still have made choice.”

Decide not to get the vaccine or a vaccination exemption and you have also made a choice. That choice is to not be allowed to go to places where a vaccine is required:

– If your employer requires a vaccine, you can’t go back to the office or interact in-person with customers. You can work remotely.

– If bars and restaurants require a vaccine, you can’t dine inside. You can order take out.

– If a store requires a vaccine, you can’t shop. You can order online for delivery.

– If airlines require a vaccine, you can’t fly. You can drive instead.

– If a concert, a sporting venue, or a conference requires a vaccine, you can’t attend that show, game, or event. Watch it on TV or online instead.

– If your college or university requires a vaccine, you can’t attend in person. You can do your studies online.

If we have a shot at normal, we need employers, educators, and entertainers to step up and require vaccinations going forward.

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