The new Mercedes-EQS Class electric vehicle boasts a 480-mile range and a power nap mode. That’s an impressive range between charges. To put it into perspective, Raleigh to NYC or San Fran to San Diego are both 480-mile drives.

Mercedes-Benz USA has lopsided this important buying consideration. It’s 93 more miles of range compared to its closest rival from Tesla (Model S Performance all-wheel drive with 19″ wheels).

Driving range is one of the biggest hang-ups for those considering an electric vehicle. Range anxiety is a real thing. shines a light on the painpoint, “Like running out of gasoline in a conventional car, driving an EV that’s suddenly out of charge is no one’s idea of fun.”

All this range might get you tired while driving.

That’s when the EQS busts out a little micro-weirdness. A special “Power Nap” program. Just press the button and …

– the seat reclines
– the windows and the roof sunshade closes
– the interior lighting and temperature adjusts
– the stereo plays relaxing sounds
– the dashboard displays images of a starry night sky

After your nap, the car begins a wake-up routine. No joke, it includes special energizing fragrances and a gentle massage before the seatback rises and the sunshade opens.

I’m sold. You?

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