“Sometimes saying ‘NO’ is the best way to get customers to say yes.” This quote by Will Burns in a Forbes post speaks to the Pink Goldfish of withholding.

CASE IN POINT: If you want a sub sandwich delivered freaky fresh and freaky fast, who ya’ gonna call? You call/order online from Jimmy John’s. They only deliver if you live within five minutes or less of the nearest store.

So how do they do it? There are two parts to their strategy:

First, they only make cold subs. These can be made more quickly because they don’t require heating or cooking.

Second, they have a very limited delivery radius. In some places, it is less than two miles.

This narrow service range allows them to fulfill their promise of freaky fast and fresh delivery. However, it leaves a lot of people out. If you’re not in the zone, you can’t get your sandwich delivered. If they can’t do it in five minutes or less, they don’t do it at all.

They flaunt this limitation in a recent ad campaign that shows bicycle delivery riders crashing into invisible walls and cars with timers marking lines on the road to show the five-minute barrier.

No hot subs. No delivery beyond a certain point. No apologies.

TAKEAWAY – Less can lead to more. How are you saying no to get to yes?

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