“Off-putting to some.” “Uses profanity needlessly.”
“Very disappointing.” Christopher Lochhead is the founder of the “Follow Your Different” podcast and co-author of “Niche Down” and “Play Bigger.” The first line of his LinkedIn bio is “Over-rated. – podcast review” The background picture on his profile contains the three negative reviews this post started with. 

It doesn’t stop there. Last month Lochhead explained on LinkedIn why he was going to “waste” his money promoting negative reviews of his podcast in Podcast Magazine®. This time he added two new gems. “Jarring to the listener” and “Annoying host.”

Here’s what P!NK GOLDFISH 2.0 (coming July 5th) co-author David Rendall and I think about this approach:

It’s funny
It’s different
It’s provocative
It’s a podcasting first

This is classic Exposing. Christopher isn’t trying to hide negative reviews. He’s not trying to spin them or apologize for them. He’s using them as a screening tool, to attract the right listeners and repel the wrong ones. 

Sometimes a Pink Goldfish is jarring to listen to. Christopher sums it up, “If you have the courage to be different, to standout, having people who do not like your work is a sign you’re doing it right. It’s time for all creators to say, fuck the haters!”

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