NEED YOUR OPINION. Should we call July 5th and beyond the “NEXT” Normal, “NEW” Normal, or the “NO” Normal?

There is a specific reason why David Rendall and I have decided July 5th as our launch date for our book “Pink Goldfish 2.0 – Defy Normal and Exploit Imperfection.”

Many people in the US have pointed towards July 4th as a defining date for the COVID-19 pandemic.

President Biden shared, “This is our target date to get life in America closer to normal and begin to celebrate our independence from the virus together with our friends and our loved ones as we celebrate Independence Day.”

July 5th will begin Day 2. What should we call this “After-Corona” time?


I vote for C. If the global pandemic has done anything, it has taught us that all of our norms have been challenged. We have to question everything.

Credit goes to Alan Weiss for coining (and trademarking) NO NORMAL.

In his words, “My concept of the immediate future is No Normal™. Not ‘back to normal’ or a ‘new normal.’ We’re going to have to be agile and maneuverable and deal with ambiguity and turmoil continually. We need to use disruption and volatility as offensive weapons.”

Successful firms will need to raise the bar, not restore it.

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