“My carbs, I just wear them.” Ashley Graham shared this fun quip in a behind-the-scenes video for a Glamour Magazine cover shoot.

Graham is not afraid of Exposing who she is. Exposing is a key element in the FLAWSOME framework. Exposing is about honesty, transparency, and authenticity.

Growing up, Graham was a size 12 by age 12. She shared with the New York Post that she’s never felt uncomfortable with her shape: 

“I was always beyond confident because my mom and dad never put me down for my size.”

As a plus-size model and a mom, she is a tireless advocate for body positivity.

“Let’s face it, America is getting bigger, and women want to see themselves instead of the image of what society says they should be.” 

Graham says that she’s not hot for a big girl. She’s just hot. She didn’t always believe this. During her childhood, she struggled with dyslexia and kids who called her “thunder thighs.” 

She doesn’t just practice exposing. She encourages followers to do the same. In a recent Instagram post, she asked her fans to share the favorite part of their body. Ashley said her thighs are “the strongest part of her body,” and that she wouldn’t change anything about her body. 

Are you willing to reveal, instead of conceal and declare, instead of deny?

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