Justine Bateman released a new “Face” book last week. It exposes and challenges the beauty standards of today.

Bateman shared her goal for the book to Yahoo, “I hope that for all women, they could just look into what’s making them think they need to change this one square foot of skin.”

Justine is now 55. She burst into the mainstream at age 16 in “Family Ties.” She recalls in the intro of the book how she admired the European actresses as a teen:

“I really wanted to look like the older European actresses I saw in the 1960s and ’70s. Chiseled cheeks…dark circles…loose skin on the jawline…crow’s feet. To me, these facial markings were the hallmarks of complex and exotic women with confidence and attitude and style.”

At age 40, Bateman googled her name and read the comments. Somehow not having work done had become a negative. It affected her.

“FACE” shares 47 short stories about older faces. Challenging the idea that those faces need to be fixed.

“Once you read those reasons, most of them outdated… and based in fear, it will become difficult to continue to hold that erroneous idea any longer.
Because there’s nothing wrong with your face.”

Bateman prompts us, “What would happen if we just continued to become more and more and more ourselves?

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