Intel Corporation gets chippy. In a series of five ads, they have engaged former Apple pitchman Justin Long to compare Mac products versus a PC.

What’s at the jilted heart of the matter? After decades of using Intel chips, Apple is now producing its own M1 chips. There is a rift in the Valley.

The antagonizing ads all start the same. “Hello, I’m a (pause) Justin . . . Just a real person doing a real comparison between Mac and PC.”

Long points out a variety of features on Intel PCs, including touchscreens, models flipping between tablet and laptop, multiple monitor plug-ins, and PC gaming support.

My favorite one is when he is looking at the functionality of a Lenovo Yoga PC. He flips it while saying,

“It’s a laptop, and (huh) a tablet, a laptop, a tablet, a laptop. Then he picks up the MacBook. “It’s a laptop and …”

Then in rapid succession someone hands him an iPad, a keypad, a stylus….

Just when his arms are full he gets one more item. His voice raises, “And a dongle!”

Questions – is it OK for Intel to take a bite at the Apple? Will this affect the non-compete clauses for Madison Avenue?

PS – Back in November, Apple reengaged the “PC” guy John Hodgman to talk about the M1 (here’s the video).

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