Imagine a gift that comes with a crowbar. “I received a box that contained a wooden crate similar to the dad on ‘A Christmas Story’ when he received his ‘Major Award’ that turned out to be a leg lamp. The box also included a crowbar and instructions to ‘limber up’ because these crates are ‘a stubborn adversary.’”

Thanks to Jeremy Watkin of NumberBarn for sharing the Pink Goldfish example of Man Crates.

Jeremy didn’t get a leg lamp. He received a whole set up for making stone-grilled pizzas and was thrilled with the experience. “While I don’t consider myself to be a manly man, I felt compelled in that moment to toughen up and accept the challenge of figuring out how to open the crate. I also smiled the entire time and was thrilled when I finally saw the contents.”

Man Crates is an opposing brand when it comes to effort. Shouldn’t unboxing be easy? The brand intentionally creates a high-effort experience. Their mission is “to make awesome gifts that guys actually want, gifts that reek of excitement and bring people together. We’re in the business of making memories with a hint of mischief.”

Takeaway – Jeremy sums up this successful approach to CX design, “Unique and fun experiences make for repeat customers and compel them to share with their networks.”

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