“You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part.” That’s both a lyric from the late Tom Petty and a truism when it comes to customer experience.

Curbing waiting is a little extra that can make a big difference. It’s the focus of a recent commercial by Carvana. The 30-second spot tells the story of Roger selling his car.

It highlights how:

– it only takes 2 minutes to receive a quote for your car
– that the Carvana rep arrives exactly on time to pick it up
– and that you get paid right on the spot

We spend 10% of our life waiting. I know it is true because I once read it on the Internet 😉 Seriously, Waiting is one of the 10 types of Purple Goldfish.

Waiting is inevitable for your customers, especially if you run a successful business. How you handle those moments and the little extras you offer can make a big difference.

Fundamentally, waiting can only be addressed in two ways:

1. You can work to reduce the wait time.

2. You can make the wait feel shorter.

Here Carvana is focusing on the first way. The spot ends with a voiceover, “it’s the little things that drive you happy.” I couldn’t agree more.

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Stan Phelps

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