Can boats fly? Yes they can in Sweden. Have you heard about the Tesla of the seas?

Candela | Electric Hydrofoil Boats has already sold more than 100 of its 28-foot leisure boat called the C-8. Another 200 have been reserved. And next year its passenger ferries will hit the water in Stockholm.

How do they fly? One word: Hydrofoils

A century-old technology, they are wing-like structures that are attached to the underside of the boat. As the boat begins to accelerate, the hydrofoil wings lift it out of the water.

Once the ultralight hull is out of the water, the boat begins to fly.

Why fly? Friction is reduced and there is little to no wake created. That means its energy-efficient, up to 2.5 times faster, and has a much smoother ride. It’s also better for the environment and marine life.

Stockholm is the right market for this. The residents of the Sweden own over 750,000 boats. Lots of room to stand out in a “sea of sameness.”

Similar to buying an electric vehicle, it costs more initially. But Candela claims that operational costs are cut by up to 90% compared to combustion engine boats.

Candela is challenging the old joke that BOAT is an acronym for Bust Out Another Thousand.

Sometimes the best way to make waves… is by not making waves.

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