With the removal of the mask mandate, capacity limits, and physical distancing for those vaccinated, how can we keep things safe for everyone?

I propose a three-tiered process using ribbons. The VIP system is simple. Events will ask for proof of vaccination or medical exemption going forward. Based on the response, a ribbon will be attached to your badge:

– For those who show their vaccination card, they’ll receive a light green ribbon that says VACCINATED

– For those with a written medical exemption (for example, organ recipients typically can not get vaccinated), they’ll receive a bright yellow ribbon that says IMMUNOCOMPROMISED

– For those who don’t provide either, they’ll receive a scarlet red ribbon that says PERSONAL CHOICE

I think the three ribbons of this VIP system should suffice. But if we want to entertain additional ribbons, I’m all for it. A couple of events I love are ribbon crazy. Shoutout to the National Speakers Association Influence and the American Marketing Association Leadership Summit.

What additional ribbons would be helpful?

– a black ribbon that says ANTI-VACCER

– a blue ribbon that says DEMOCRATIC HOAX

– a flag ribbon that says QANON SUPPORTER

Any other suggestions?

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