Wow, this is a touching “Pay it Forward” moment from sports fans.

Credit to KC’s Brett Fitzgerald for sparking the effort. Part of the Chiefs Kingdom, Brett kicked things off by posting about his initial $13 donation on Facebook and Twitter. The 13 is in reference to the improbable game-tying drive by Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs that took just 13 seconds last weekend.

The donations are going to a charity that the Bills quarterback Josh Allen supports. The campaign went viral and has raised nearly $500,000 for the hospital.

The Chiefs Kingdom is paying a tribute to the Bills Mafia.

According to, Buffalo fans have pioneered these charitable efforts. For example:

– sparked by Bills fans, more than 27,000 donors from around the world contributed $1.15 million to John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital in memory of Josh Allen’s grandmother this past Fall.

– more than 18,450 Bills fans donated $553,000 to Blessings in a Backpack in January 2021, after Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was concussed in the Bills’ divisional round playoff victory.

– more than 17,000 Bills fans donated $442,000 to the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation in 2018, after the then-Cincinnati Bengals quarterback threw a late touchdown pass to defeat the Ravens in the 2017 regular-season finale, which ended the Bills’ 17-year playoff drought.

I wonder if Cincinnati will pay it forward and shakedown their fans?

After all, the Berlin Wall was still standing the last time the Bengals went to the Super Bowl. Perhaps $15 donations to 15 and the Mahomies. Or $18 to signify the improbable comeback. The Foundation supports initiatives that focus on health, wellness, communities in need of resources.

After all, who beats the “Who Dey” Bengals Fans?


I think that’s an offer they can’t refuse.

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