YOUR MANAGER IS BITCH. This is a new beer from Beale’s Brewery. Notice the lack of an “A”? It was intentional. It was inspired by a customer who was refused service for not wearing a mask.

Here’s the email complaint:

Subject: Y’all suck

Message: Your manager is bitch and your
beer tastes like old hot OJ.

What would you do with this customer complaint? Apologize? Delete? Or would you take the Pink Goldfish route of Antagonizing?

Beale’s used it to call out inappropriate behavior and salute everyone in the service industry. They put the picture of their GM on the can and lauded her when launching it:

“Meet BC. She started with us as a server when Beale’s opened, worked her way up to bartender and now GM. She’s kept our team together throughout the past year, gracefully navigating every new challenge thrown her way. “

The back of the can shares a picture of the email with a note:

“This beer is a love letter to all of the service industry workers who, despite a global pandemic, endeavor each day to provide a safe, welcoming environment for their guests. While we can’t prevent verbal abuse… we will continue to call it out and stand with you.”

Takeaway: When life hands you old hot OJ, make an American Porter out of it.

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