7 takeaways from The 2021 Customer Experience Outlook. I was honored to be one of eight contributors to a free eBook spearheaded by Kerry Bodine of Bodine & Co. Grab your free copy of the report here.

If TL;DR is your go-to phrase or if you want a preview of what’s inside, here’s 7 takeaways:

1. “COVID: Opportunity Within Crisis” by Don Peppers
Takeaway: Digital innovations and change forced by the pandemic are here to stay.

2. “Creating Better Experiences With A Growth Mindset” by Kerry Bodine
Takeaway: Shed the fixed mindset. Stay green and growing.

3. “Developing and Maintaining a Customer-Centric Culture” by Annette Franz
Takeaway: Culture = Values + Behavior. Know’em and live’em.

4. “Transform or Fail — Business Transformation is No Longer Optional!” by Ian Golding
Takeaway: Continuous customer-focused change is the only survival strategy.

5. “Let Goodness in Business Prevail” by Jeanne Bliss
Takeaway: Demonstrate kindness, deliver grace, and build trust.

6. “Six CX Trends You Cannot Ignore” by Shep Hyken
Takeaway: Empathy matters. Put the personal back into the personalized experience.

7. “The Value of Customers and The Impact on A Business’s Financial Status” by Dr. Natalie Petouhoff
Takeaway: Customer value trumps financial performance.

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