18 easy steps to create a KILLER PRESENTATION. These steps are contained in the S.I.L.V.E.R. grid method for presentation preparation.

The first three elements are about organizing:

S is for Starting:

We start with the big picture and why for our presentation. What’s in it for the audience? What’s the one thing they’ll remember?

I is for Illustrating:

Illustrating is about the construction of your presentation. How will you start? What are your three main points? And what’s your call to action when closing the presentation?

L is for Learning:

Learning is setting aside time to get comfortable with learning your presentation. Don’t put it off. Schedule time to outline, practice, and rehearse your presentation.


The next three elements deal with the delivery of your presentation.

V is for Vaulting:

Vaulting is about starting your presentation strong. Specifically, how are you getting introduced, how you are dressed, and how you begin your presentation.

E is for Educating:

Educating is about the meat of your presentation… your key points. Is there are a magic number for key points? YES – THREE IS THE MAGIC NUMBER. For each key point, what’s the story, insight, and application/exercise?

R is for Requesting:

People tend to remember the last things you say. Make them count. Know how and when you’ll handle questions and comments. Know the story you will close with. Know the call to action at the end of your presentation.

Anything to add when preparing for a presentation?

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Stan Phelps

Stan Phelps walks the walk. He stands out in the sea of sameness by modeling his own Differentiated Experience (DX) message: Differentiation isn’t just about what you say, it’s about what you do and, more importantly, how and why you do it. Stan leverages his unique collection of 5,000+ case studies on customer, employee, and brand experience to engage audiences with informative learning-based experiences. He believes purposeful DX wins the hearts of employees and customers, and differentiation ultimately boosts loyalty, retention, referrals, and results.

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