Why do we lose our mind at times? It’s because of our brain. It’s the most powerful processor on the planet. Responsible for incredible advances in art, culture and tech. Yet, at times, it can cause us to act like anything but a human being, especially when we are under pressure. Why?

Our brain is comprised of 3 areas. Let’s examine each:

Amygdala – the most primitive part is called the amygdala. Its primary role is the human highlighter—a radar that constantly scans the environment. The amygdala’s primary role is to look for anything in our lives that could be a threat.

Limbic System – the amygdala resides inside the wider limbic system, the area of our brain responsible for our basic drive for things such as hunger, sex and dominance. It helps with bodily functions, such as heart rate, pupil dilation and the sweat glands.

Neocortex – the largest and most complex part is the neocortex. Its involved w/ higher functions such as spatial reasoning, language and complex thought. You could argue that the neocortex is the thing that makes us rational + uniquely human. That is, until the moment we experience pressure.

When we feel threatened, the amygdala kicks in. It lights up our limbic system and our neocortex shuts down. Let the irrationality begin.