Want to Build A Bulletproof Brand? In this podcast, I chat with Ben Albert about the “Art of Differentiation and Superior Customer Service”

Here is our conversation on Episode #50 on the Learn – Speak – Teach podcast:

[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of our guest; Stan Phelps
[06:34] Stan’s rainbow of 11 colored goldfish.
[13:04] An example of a business that has the massive goldfish differentiation
[18:23] Stan’s background
[27:38] Value-based techniques to differentiate
[33:22] Purple, Green, and Gold Goldfish
[35:20] Case study on the impact of doing a little something extra on sales
[44:54] “The pick-end rule”
[46:25] Ben’s biggest takeaway from reading Pink Goldfish
[48:40] Flawesomeness
[52:01] What Stan is working on right now and how we can support him
[53:14] How to reach out, connect, and learn more about Stan
[52:43] Homework: How to start owning your flaws to be different and unique
[54:55] Final Thoughts


Today, your brand is what customers see and feel when interacting with your product or service. Your brand is not what you tell people it is. It’s the differentiated experience your employees deliver, how your customers feel about it, and what your customers and employees tell others about their experience.

You can drive loyalty through word of mouth by differentiating what you do and the experience you provide. The differentiation aspect is all about the little things you do for your customers that make you stand out from your competitors. Doing something extra and going beyond the transaction creates a differentiating experience and honors the relationship with your customers.