Are you ready to rethink marketing? Here are 11 takeaways from the book Purple Goldfish 2.0:

1. Your brand is no longer just what you tell people it is. It’s what your customer experiences, how they feel, and most importantly, what they tell others about their experience.

2. There is no such thing as just meeting customer expectations.

3. Experience design is the next frontier of marketing and brand building.

4. Marketing is about being so remark-able that people can’t just help but talk about you.

5. Going forward, marketing will be about achieving customer-getting distinction by differentiating what you do and how you operate.

6. Over-deliver on the things that are valued by your customers and create signature elements of added value.

7. Take care of the customers you have . . . they’ll bring you the customers you want.

8. The majority of how we judge others and brands comes down to warmth and competence.

9. Lagniappe is the idea of doing a little something extra. They are signals that honor the relationship with your customer.

10. Purple Goldfish is any time a business purposely goes above and beyond to add value or reduce effort.

11. You have to give your customers something to talk about.