How are Walmart, REI, Patagonia, and Big Y World Class Market are rethinking Black Friday this year?

Walmart is rolling back its approach. According to Fortune, “Walmart, traditionally open all day on Thanksgiving so customers can buy food with Black Friday doorbusters starting late afternoon closed on Turkey Day for the first time since the 1980s. That gave other retailers, notably Best Buy, Target, and Macy’s the cover to follow suit.”

Five years ago, REI closed all 150 stores and online for Black Friday. The tradition continues in 2020. Check out this link to their site. You can view a guide on recreating responsibility and explore 95 ways to spend time outside.

Today, Patagonia launched the “Buy Less, Demand More” campaign. According to InStyle, “Part campaign, part rallying cry, it heralds the next phase in the company’s evolution, including tighter integration of its four-year-old Worn Wear program for used clothing and gear.” Now when you shop online for new, you might have an option to buy used.

Big Y Supermarket is acknowledging their employees’ hard work during COVID with thank you pay and a day off. They are keeping the stores closed on Friday to allow for extra cleaning and restocking.