ONE BOOK = ONE BRICK. Download a free Goldfish eBook on Amazon (January 11 or 12) and one brick will be given to support schools in Cambodia.

This is one of three giving initiatives I’ve created through B1G1. B1G1 has pioneered a platform that allows you to integrate giving as part of your everyday business.

Here’s how it works in three steps:

1. You select the causes you want to support.

2. You then select a core business activity or activities ⎯ such as a sale of a product/service. In my case, the three triggers are a Goldfish Tank experience, a global speaking engagement, or an eBook download.

3. You link specific IMPACTS to your activities. In this case, every eBook download triggers a donation of one brick.

For background, I usually make one of my Goldfish books free for download at my keynotes and workshops. In some months there will be as many as 500 downloads.

My hope is to supercharge that to give over 10,000 bricks in 2023.

B1G1’s project is managed by This Life Cambodia.

With the donations, they’ll buy bricks and build dormitories in remote communities.


Because newly qualified teachers are often placed in remote schools far from home. If they have a safe place to live, they will stay longer and build stronger connections with the community.

Photo Credit: B1G1

Strong links with the community encourage better enrollment and attendance at school.

In addition, This Life has plans to add classrooms and libraries in partnership with the communities they serve.

Back to the eBook downloads, I’ve made 11 of my books free for download. (See the links to download in the comments)

1. Purple Goldfish 2.0 – 10 Ways to Attract Raving Customers
2. Green Goldfish 2.0 – 15 Keys to Driving Employee Engagement
3. Golden Goldfish – The Vital Few
4. Blue Goldfish – Using Technology, Data, and Analytics to Drive Both Profits and Prophets
5. Red Goldfish – Motivating Sales and Loyalty Through Shared Passion and Purpose
6. Pink Goldfish 2.0 – Defy Normal & Exploit Imperfection
7. Yellow Goldfish – Nine Ways to Drive Happiness in Business for Growth, Productivity, and Prosperity
8. Gray Goldfish – Navigating the Gray Areas to Successfully Lead Every Generation
9. Diamond Goldfish – Excel Under Pressure & Thrive in the Game of Business
10. Silver Goldfish – Loud & Clear: The 10 Keys to Delivering Memorable Business Presentations

and one fun eBook…
11. Bar Tricks, Bad Jokes, & Even Worse Stories 

Favor – please download an eBook and add a brick to create IMPACT. Click here to check out your options.