Is there anything YOU lopside to 1,000 percent? I do when it comes to one thing…


Specifically, my speaking recommendations.

I’m in the business of selling keynotes, workshops, and GOLDFISH TANK programs. Like most businesses, my most effective marketing tool is word of mouth. [85% of companies cite it as the best, Google comes in second at 59%]

Unfortunately, most reviews and recommendations can be gamed. For example, in 2020, the organization Fakespot found that 42% of the 720 million Amazon reviews they assessed were bogus. OUCH!

One word can help cut through the authenticity gap…


And that’s what I love about the solution from Dave ReedJoseph Heaps, and the entire team at eSpeakers.

If you are unfamiliar with eSpeakers[dot]com, it is the top place to find speakers online. Their directory contains over 13,000 speakers, trainers, and entertainers. [See my profile in the comments] They power the online directories of both the National Speakers Association and MPI -Meeting Planners International.

eSpeakers has an excellent three-step process for getting verified reviews:

1. The first step requires the speaker to ask their client for a review.

2. Once the speaker receives the testimonial in writing, the speaker inputs the client review into eSpeakers with the name, company, title, and corporate email address of the client reviewer.

3. Once submitted, the last step happens. The client reviewer receives a verification email. The client needs to review the testimonial and click on a link that says, “YES – I said that” to complete the verification process.

Once verified, the review shows the title/initials of the reviewer, the verified status, and the corporate URL of the reviewer.

eSpeakers advises professional speakers to get “as many recommendations as you can.” On your profile, they say 20 reviews is the benchmark.

As of yesterday, I now have 200. That’s 1,000% more than the norm.

That didn’t happen by accident. I made a conscious decision to LOPSIDE this part of my business. Lopisiding is one of 8 differentiation techniques David Rendall and I explored in the book “Pink Goldfish 2.0.”

To lopside… means to double or triple down on what makes you unique and different. It resides in the Peacock or “STRUT” quadrant of the flaunting matrix.

Am I flaunting the fact that I have 200 client testimonials as a certified speaking professional? YES I AM. A huge “thank you” to all of my past clients who were kind enough to share a recommendation.

What are you LOPSIDING in your life? What are you willing to go 1,000% in on to stand out in a sea of sameness?