Honored to be part of the Xerox Executive Series webcast today. I shared 3 keys to growing your business in a time of uncertainty. Here’s the second set of tips:

To quote Jay Baer from Youtility, “Great marketing is about help, not hype.” In order to help, you need to talk to your prospects and current customers. Find the areas where they are struggling. Understand what’s most important to them during these trying times.

TIP: Once you understand where they are struggling, use email marketing to share helpful content that addresses their needs. Open rates and click rates are up during the pandemic. Sharing content that helps shows your understanding and allows you to connect in a very personal and effective way.

TIP: Stand out by creating a unique direct mail piece that cuts through the noise. Outline how your products and services can help your prospects be more successful. Understand the importance of effort and signaling. To quote Rory Sutherland from Alchemy, “The meaning and significance we attach to something is felt in direct proportion to the expense with which it is communicated.” Costliness carries meaning. This means that a creative direct mail piece, a handwritten card, or a phone call carries more meaning than a text or an email.