It’s no secret that Disney understands waiting. Karl Sakas shared an insight with me about the wait times at Disney Parks.

As you enter a ride’s line, the current wait time is posted. As you wait, you pass signs that indicate the wait from your current position in line.

Here’s the thing, though—they’re lies.

Disney understands that failing to meet expectations is not an option, so they set expectations with a buffer.

Let’s say the sign says the wait time is 20 minutes, but you breeze through in 16. You’re delighted. Let’s say the sign said 15 minutes and the actual result is 16. You get the idea.

Setting expectations you know you can exceed is a hallmark of excellent customer experience.

Walt Disney called this practice of doing more than expected “plussing.” John Torre summarizes the approach in his book, “How to Be Like Walt.”

John shares, “Normally, the word ‘plus’ is a conjunction, but not in Walt’s vocabulary. To Walt, ‘plus’ was a verb—an action word—signifying the delivery of more than what his customers paid for or expected to receive.”

What are you plussing as part of your customer experience?