THERE’S MORE TO LIFE THAN THE WHOPPER. That’s the headline from BURGER KING® UK on a recent Facebook post. This “pay it forward” moment is a great example of the Pink Goldfish concept of Opposing.

It is normal to promote your own products and services. Here, Burger King is promoting their competition. From the post:

There’s Roti King, Sultan’s palace, Tayyab’s, Eco, Dumplings Legend, Ochi’s, Damak, Platzki… In short, there are many great dishes from thousands of restaurants that deserve to be as famous as the Whopper. As we head into tier three across more parts of the country, it’s clear independent restaurants need all our support. So, we’ve decided to give you a break from our burger pics and make our Instagram available to all these restaurants. Until they can reopen, they can advertise on our Instagram for free. Friends from the hospitality industry: If you want us to share your signature dish on Instagram, post it with #WhopperAndFriends

I’ve just checked their Instagram page and they’ve highlighted three restaurants so far. See the image encouraging people to visit 200 Degrees in the comments. That post featuring a sandwich with turkey, smoked pancetta, brie, and cranberry sauce has over 2,500 likes.

Question – Is help over hype a smart move?