In 2014, Paul Olson created It’s a unique and memorable service where you can arrange an online video call or receive a video message from the big fella. This could be a brilliant gift idea for companies to give to their team members.

It’s a simple four-step process:

1. Parents sign up their child. They pick a date and time, tell a little about the child, and invite grandparents/relatives to watch.

2. The system pings everyone prior to the call via text or email.
Everyone signs into the call. There’s no need to download any software. If there’s an issue, has elves on the support line to help everyone.

3. When the call time comes, Santa magically appears in the call. Everyone sees him, the child, and other thumbnails of family on the call.

4. Santa sees the child and the thumbnails, but he also has a note sheet that has been filled out by the parents during signup. So Santa knows if he or she’s been naughty or nice.

Paul shared to me, “It truly is magical, safe, and a lot of fun. We actually have about 600 Santa’s who have been vetted, so we can scale to meet the needs of a large company.”

Ho-Ho-Ho. What a unique, memorable, and high-quality holiday gift for employees.