The case for PURPOSE in promotional products. Today, I have the honor of speaking at the PPAI Expo. Roger Burnett, CAS and I will be presenting on the concept of a Red Goldfish.

The session is designed for industry professionals and anyone responsible for putting their company brand on promotional marketing items. Promotional products as a medium have proven to achieve measurable results when used thoughtfully and strategically.

But for many organizations, promo is often an after-thought. Promotional products are sometimes seen as a nuisance purchase and often driven by searches for lowest cost products, frequently executed with no interaction with a specialist in the field.

We describe these poorly executed, cheap, non-useful products that do nothing more than checking a box as BRANDFILL. Brandfill is embarrassing and harmful to the buyer, the seller, and the environment. There is a better way and a North Star.

Purpose offers a unique opportunity to build an emotional relationship with customers. Promotional marketing items imbued with purpose can become tangible, sought-after extensions of a brand.

Lagniappe – Want to learn more about purpose in promo? Free eBook (today 1/14) on Amazon. Get your copy of Red Goldfish Promo Edition here:

The book shows how promotional products can leverage purpose to increase impact. Based on a collection of more than 250 case studies, Red Goldfish reveals the five ways businesses in the Promotional Marketing industry can tap into purpose.

The book is divided into three main parts:

The first section is “The Why.” We make the case for why you should leverage purpose. We’ll share the meaning behind the red in Red Goldfish and explore the idea that little things can make a huge difference with the metaphor of a goldfish. 

The second section is “The What.” Here we explore leading-edge case studies in the categories of give back, diversity & inclusion, environmental, experience, and transparency & trust.

The third section is “The How.” Here we’ll share the three-step process for creating and leveraging purpose.

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