A guide for current and soon-to-be Gen Z leaders. This year the oldest members of GenZ will be turning 24. They are beginning to occupy leadership roles and will need to manage up four generations. In Gray Goldfish, a book co-authored with Brian Doyle, we provide a roadmap for how each generation can recruit, train, manage and inspire. Here’s the GenZ guide:

GenZ leading Matures:
RECRUIT: Alleviate fear of tech
TRAIN: Explain every step
MANAGE: Don’t count on evenings
INSPIRE: Show you’re working hard too

GenZ leading Boomers:
RECRUIT: Show they’ll be leading edge
TRAIN: Focus on soft skills
MANAGE: Ask them to stay late for big projects
INSPIRE: Ask for their perspective

GenZ leading Generation X:
RECRUIT: Highlight the lack of bureaucracy
TRAIN: Self-directed
MANAGE: Specific goals
INSPIRE: Give them credit

GenZ leading Millennials:
RECRUIT: Highlight your tech
TRAIN: Connect them with their peers
MANAGE: Face-to-face feedback
INSPIRE: Schedule flexibility

GenZ leading fellow GenZ’ers:
RECRUIT: Promote diversity
TRAIN: Gamification
MANAGE: Leverage tech to simplify
INSPIRE: Tie work to a greater purpose

Want a cool example of late Millennial/early GenZ leadership? Zappos tapped Shelby Stilson to be CEO of 1% of the company. From intern to CEO in 5 years.

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